Friday, October 29, 2010

Autumn Colors in our Garden

Hello everyone,

I want to share some of the autumn colors in our garden with you today. It was a nice day to be out doing some clean up jobs but I got side tracked a bit with my camera as I love to record the changes in the garden-daily it might seem to some of you! I enjoy all my garden photos so much in the winter time when I start to dream of it's return. I am sure all you gardener's do that too.

I love how the foliage of the hardy rugosa type roses turn bright autumn colors.

With pretty rosehips.

Some of the burning bushes have lost most of their leaves while a few in shadier spots are just turning.

I still enjoy the hydrangeas even through they have turned brown.They give such a long season of color.

The purple nineback.

Sedum is another easy care plant with a long season of interest.

Even seed heads give interest and beauty and feed the birds besides.

The sumac are so pretty in the fall.

Still lots of berries on the golden elders although the birds have been enjoying them for weeks now.

I was pleasantly surprised to see we still have a few roses blooming-I think this one is sexy rexy.

close up shot.

This little fairy(3 year old granddaughter Abby) came to visit and was the original reason for grabbing my camera. She is proudly holding a bag of treats from a Halloween party-I see a sugar high coming on!

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Vintage Tea

Hello everyone,

It was a beautiful warm sunny day today so it was such a joy to be outside doing some fall clean up and a lovely walk on the boardwalk in Rustico so I am a little late serving my tea today.

The little vintage doll I bought at the 70 mile yard sale a few weeks ago- isn't she a cutie! The charming little teapot is from a local antique shop. The vintage postcards(below) were old ones that my Mom had sent to my Dad after the war. When the war was over Dad returned home to the Island to buy a farm and then send for my Mom a few months later. They got married here on the Island on Mom's arrival. I enjoy having these souvenirs.

Did you notice the old vintage chennile bedspread acting as a chair cover?

A thrift store teacup to match.

Dainty plate from a yardsale.

These little salt & pepper shakers were from an auction sale.

Now don't forget your gloves and little beaded purse when you leave!

Vintage doll

Now here is another little vintage doll that you all know and love-you do love me don't you? HeHe! No don't answer that!

A collage to end my little vintage tea.

I think I am still in time for Susans Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps on the Porch but there will be hundreds there before me and I am still a little shy in a crowd in spite of being a 'vintage doll' ! Ha!
I am also joining Cindy at My Romantic Home for show and Tell Friday where there is another big party going on.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

A Tea Break

Hello everyone,
Oh! how quickly the month of October is speeding by and before we know it we will be getting ready for Christmas- I am already looking forward to decorating our home next month as it cheers me in the grey days of November. I don't do much fall decorating as I like to hang on to summer as long as I can and then when the garden cleanup is done I am already thinking Christmas so I do very little in the way of fall decorating unless you count fall bouquets and a few pumpkins.
However,I have always loved the Christmas season and over the years have collected a lot of decorations-the attic comes in handy! This year some of the rooms in our home have been redecorated in a way that doesn't suit the old way of decorating so in spite of the fact that last year when taking all that 'stuff' down I was saying to my husband that maybe this year I would do very little decorating to see how that worked he laughed at me! I guess he knows me too well because I have already checked out the Christmas books from the library and have dug out all my own books and magazines to pour over. So what about you are you already thinking about Christmas?
Anyway, today I have a comfy spot for you to have a cup of tea and relax for a bit. Once again I have changed the bay window area of our kitchen/dining room but as my Mom always says a change is as good as a rest!
So curl up for a bit and enjoy the fall garden and watch the birds coming and going at the bird feeder.
This little nook has crochet lace valences and old lace tablecloths used as curtains on either side.I am moving my outdoor plants indoors for the winter and the plant stand as well. I love the plant stand that came from Winner's(tjmaxx).
The pretty teacup and teapot came from there as well. The needlepoint pillow came from a little shop in Murray Harbour called Miss Elly's Genteel Gifts (love that name).

I do enjoy the geraniums in the house over the long winter months.
The quilt on the chaise was a gift from my girls-they knew I would love it!

Here are the recipes a couple of you asked for last week. We love them both!
Well, linger as long as you like it is a wet day so it is cozy here with the wood pellet stove going to take the chill out of the kitchen and I will get you more tea.

Today, I am joining Sandi for her lovely Tea Time Tuesday at Rose Chintz Cottage- see you there!

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Enjoy your day!


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Autumn Beauty

Hello everyone,

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. We had a nice sunny day here today so we enjoyed going for a nice long walk this afternoon. I took a few photos as we walked as the trees are still sporting their Fall glory. The mosaics I made are mostly from the past few days but some are photos I took last Fall.

If you would like to enlarge any just click on the photo.

Since it is coming up to Mosaic Monday I will join Mary at Little Red House where there will be lots of beautiful mosaics for you to enjoy!

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