Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Topsy Turvy!

Hello everyone,

I just popped in to let you know things are a little busy here so I am taking a little blogging break.

We have carpenters here to work on a project and things are a little topsy turvy!

Better Homes and Gardens we are NOT!

There are a couple of rooms they are working on and I hope to have prettier pics soon.

We getting some new bookcases built in the living room.

I have to leave you with something pretty before I go.

clematis and roses from last years garden

This is our garden today-definitely not pretty but.....

better then this-same day last year! We had a big snowstorm and it was very cold-definitely March went out like a lionlast year and A lamb this year. We had rain the last two days. Now, this is why I am thinking it's early spring for us this year.

I think I mentioned we were going on a little trip. We are off to Charleston and Savannah for a week!!! I am excited to think of strolling around these beautiful old cities. Should I take my parasol?

So with cleanup after the projects ,packing,and Easter I will be gone for a couple of weeks.

I wish all of you a wonderful Easter weekend!



Monday, March 29, 2010

Blue and White China

Hello everyone,

I am going to join in with Cielo at the House in the Roses today for Show your Cottage Monday.

So today I am showing some of my blue and white china that I keep in this little cupboard in our porch. I think I have china in almost every room of the house. It must be my form of art!

Like pretty much all my china,this has been collected over time-a piece here and a piece there.

This little Dutch shoe belonged to my Mom.

The teapot ,cream and sugar bowl also belonged to my Mom who was born in Holland.

The soup tureen came from an auction sale a few years ago.

Well, that is all that this little cupboard can hold but go and visit Cielo for a peek in more cottages.

Thank you for visiting me,


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mosaics of Oak Bluffs

Hello everyone,
I hope you enjoyed your weekend. We had some cold weather move back in but it is milder for this week.

It is time again for Mosaic Monday so I am sharing some photos I took a few years ago on a trip to Martha's Vineyard. These storybook cottages are in Oak Bluffs which started out as a tent campground for open air Methodist church services but later they built these charming cottages.
Wouldn't you love to see inside these charming cottages?

I love all the interesting architecture.

It is such a beautiful place that I would love to go back someday.
I am happy to report that my son fixed the problem with my computer so that it is much faster again making it more fun to use!

Thank you Mary for hosting Mosaic Monday at the Little Red House


Thank you for visiting me,



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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Soft and Sweet!

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend. I am being a bit lazy here today after our birthday party for our two sons both born on this day but 5 years apart. All our little grandchildren running around after a turkey dinner kept it almost as lively as when our own boys were little and had their friends over for a party. Rather efficient of me to have them on the same day so one party would do,don't you think?

Anyway,it is colder here today so I played a little with my camera indoors so what better then some dainty china to practice on. My camera is a Canon Rebel XTi as I am sometimes asked and I love it.

I enjoy reading tutorials on photography once in awhile to try to learn something new but if anyone has any tips you would like to share I would love to hear them. I know I use use A tripod but I do find it restricting so don't use it often-what about you do you use one? I did a little test last summer on taking some of the same shots with and without one but couldn't really see a difference but this summer I am going to practice using it again on different types of shots to see if it gives me a sharper pic.

Bridal Rose made in Germany

So dainty!

The carpenter is coming on Monday and i am looking forward to getting all our inside projects done before garden season arrives here.

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Enjoy the rest of your weekend,


Friday, March 26, 2010

Cupboard Makeover

Hello everyone,

Today I an joining Cindy again for show and tell Friday so I am sharing a cupboard for my linens that got a bit of a makeover.

The cupboard was given to me and it was painted gold with four doors on it. I am sorry I forgot to take a picture of it. I gave the cupboard a couple of coats of creamy white paint and my husband made the doors for me. As you can see they have chicken wire on them so you can see my quilts inside.

We still have to put knobs on the doors.

It sat on the floor before but we put legs on it that are really fence post tops painted to match. I found the little scalloped edge trim at Micheal's and we put it around the bottom.

I love seeing the quilts stacked inside it.

Now, I will end with a pretty collage of flowers from our garden last summer.

If you haven't already been to Cindy's My Romantic Home go and enjoy visiting Show and Tell Friday.

Thank you for visiting me and I wish you all a wonderful weekend!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Thing of Beauty!

I just wanted to share the beauty of this amaryllis with you today.

It has a gentle fragrance as well as being beautiful.

It has eight beautiful big blooms. Often the two stalks will bloom at different times but this one is showing all it's beauty at once!

I am excited that a trip my husband and I have been working on seems to be falling into place so I will share more on that later.
Thank you for visiting me and for all your lovely comments. My computer has been really slow lately so I haven't been able to visit as much. Our two youngest sons have a birthday tomorrow so there is a party at our house with the whole clan.
Take care,
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