Monday, November 30, 2009

Mosaic Monday

It is Mosaic Monday at the Little Red House again. I love this weekly event and enjoy making mosaics so I have a Christmas theme today-probably no surprise there!

I have a few of these Father Christmas's around the house that I have collected over the years.Next time I will make a bigger mosaic with all of them.

A Winter Tea.

A mosaic of pretty doorways I photographed last year.

Thank you Mary for hosting, and if you haven't already go and visit the Little Red House to see some lovely mosaics.

Thank you for visiting,


My Transferware Collection and Santa

Hi everyone,

I hope you enjoyed your weekend and are ready for a brand new week! Do any of you have snow yet? I am looking forward to just a few inches of some fluffy white snow some time soon. Our mild weather seems to have left us so maybe soon we will have that winter wonderland.

Anyway, today I have opened my cupboard doors to show you my red and white transferware.Some of you were wondering where I kept all my dishes so this is where a good portion of it is kept but I will show the rest of my storage places later. Somehow, one of my favorite father Christmas's got in the way first-so did you notice his red and white toile coat?I think he was made for me!

ho ho ho!

It is hard to avoid a glare on the glass so I will open the doors.

a closer look

The red and white willow dishes belonged to my husband's great aunt.

We use a wood pellet stove to help heat our home.

I am slowly adding a piece here and there to my collection although I have to confess it is a few pieces smaller after a tragic accident of a dish falling down and sending a few plates to smash on the floor.Now I will have to do a mosaic!

Hope you enjoyed your visit.


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cozy Fireside Tea

Good evening everyone,

It is a lovely evening to stay curled up by the fireside with a cup of tea or a nice cup of cocoa.

I have been working on getting the house all cosied up for the Christmas season. Tonight,I plan to enjoy the fruit of our labors by having a relaxing evening by the fire with my sweet husband.

enjoying a cup of tea with the Christmas music playing quietly in the background. Have you heard Enya's And Winter Came- I love it.

I think after relaxing with our tea for awhile it would be a good evening to watch a nice Christmas move. One of my favorites is Little Women- what is your favorite Christmas movie?

I hope I haven't put you to sleep yet-it is getting warm in here!

Hope you have a warm cozy evening too,

Take care,


Friday, November 27, 2009

White Christmas

Hello everyone,

I hope all my American friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving. My sister in law used to live in North Carolina and she said the day after Thanksgiving the stores had the busiest day of the year as everyone focused on Christmas. So now we are probably all thinking of decorating,shopping, baking etc. I am looking forward to seeing everyone else's Christmas decorating and hearing about your Christmas traditions.

Today ,I was working on doing some decorating in our kitchen -dining room. Last year I had village houses on the shelves between the cabinets but this year I am doing a white theme.

We are having very mild weather for November and today it rained all day making it hard to get good pictures without the flash as it was darker. So, the color is a little off.

Last year these were in the guest room upstairs.

This angel lost his horn but I still has charm.

This is a heavy iron lantern from Winner's that I have had for a few years.

I did break down and buy this Santa at TJ maxx on our trip even though I am trying to discipline myself not to buy anymore Christmas 'stuff'.

I do have a weakness for these Father Christmas's though.

I added a little mercury glass for some sparkle.

I like the feather trees .

I apologize again for the quality of the pictures today. I had hoped to take some other pictures around the house but it was just too dark today. I think showers are expected for the next few days , hopefully after that we get some bright sunny days!

It is Show and Tell Friday again at My Romantic Home so I am joining in again. Thank you Cindy for hosting this fun event.

Hope you have a good weekend


Thanks for visiting,


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A White Christmas

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas -what about you?

So I thought you might like to see some of my white theme Christmas decorations.

I got the white house in the middle at Marden's in Bangor last year. It has mirrors in it -so a candle gives it a nice glow.The little houses came from TJMAXX . Come to think of it the shelf came from a thrift shop there also. This display is in the guest room upstairs with the green and white toile wallpaper.

I have a small collection of Father Christmas's. This is one my late mother in law gave me several years ago. I have always loved it.

Can't have too many angels among us!

a white Christmas tea anyone?

I spent the day putting up some of my decorations for Christmas. I will confess it seemed like a daunting process this morning when my husband took all the boxes down from the attic and I started removing china , family pictures etc. to make way for the decorations but by the afternoon I was starting to see light at the end of the tunnel! I remember when we had one box of decorations and seven excited children to exclaim over each little treasure-oh! the good old days. I was happy to have some little grandchildren stop by and start playing with the animals from the Christmas manger scene-always a favorite with the wee ones.

I had a good laugh last night when our little granddaughter Jessie (4 years old)picked up an old play phone and said "Grandma I am going to call you" She picked up the receiver and said
" Hi Grandma, What is it like to be different"?

After a peal of laughter , I thought I should find out if she meant different ' Special 'or different 'WEIRD' ? I won't even ask you which you thought she meant!

I wish all my American friends a Happy Thanksgiving and thank you to all who came to visit.

Take care,