Monday, August 31, 2009

Victoria by the Sea

Today I am taking you on a tour of one of my favorite little villages on the Island. This charming little village is Victoria by the sea.(I even love the name). This litle village comes alive in the summer. It has lovely older homes like the one above.
Charming little gardens
lovely antique shop called The Coach House
cute little information centre by the sea
a lighthouse to tour
There are several charming little craft shops in the village
everyone loves this chocolate factory
cute little veranda's to sit on
another charmer
I love to see white linens blowing on the line
afternoon tea at Mrs.Proffitt's
a nearby garden at the Reid House Antiques-another great place to visit

I love this house too and it has a lovely view of the bay
Their little guest cottage-you know how I love those!
The view of the bay
Mrs.Proffitt's Tearoom is insde the Orient Hotel- It has great food and pretty china and you know how much better tea tastes in a pretty teacup!
A little icecream shop out back
perky colors

many homes have veranda's to sit and watch the summer people go by etc.
There is a summer theatre here as well
another charming B&B and evening dining room
I love to walk up and down the streets taking everything in.
It was low tide when we were there but still beautiful!
cute little playhouse
sailboats in the distance
The Landmark Cafe is a great place to eat. I love to sit out on their new deck on a sunny day.
another little backyard guest house
Every little village has it's churches-this is across the bay
the lighthouse again
This old church on the way has been painted some interesting colors
All this touring of Victoria by the sea has made me want to hop in the car and take a drive up again(it is about a 30 min drive from here) but I better get some work done here first and wait for a sunny day!
I hope you enjoyed touring Victoria by the sea with me.

Take care,


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Singing the Blues!

Bet you didn't know I could have so much fun with one blue flower!

Have a good weekend,


Friday, August 28, 2009

Some Late Summer Bloomers!

Hi everyone,
I am a little late today but better late then never-I hope! Today I am taking you on a little tour of the garden so you can see some late summer bloomers.
The phlox and hygrangea's are putting on a good show now.
This phlox is called Laura. It is very pretty and mildew resistant.
I like this variegated phlox because the foliage is so pretty and gives color all season long.
This pretty mauve phlox is Franz Shurbert.
It looks good with a darker purple phlox beside it.
The long pergola that Andrew built looks good but I look forward to it ageing into the garden.
more phlox with a limelight htgrangea at the end.
where would we be without the phlox?
Joe Pye Weed is also a late bloomer that I like.
And of course we have different colors of cone flowers.
This was taken on the hillside a couple of days ago.
I love this garden variety of pink loosestrife-not to be confused with the wild one taking over boggy areas and choking out native plants.
The magnolia is putting on a bit of a second show.
There are still quite a few daylilies blooming but not as many as before.
Sea holly is new to our garden but I am liking it.
More daylilies.

This is a clematis Josephine(above and below) that I think is so pretty but a little stingy with the blooms for me so far.

this is a pink phlox-I have many different colors and varieties of them.
I was given this golden glow several years ago- I would like to move it to a different spot but it determined to stay here.
The Annebelle hygrangea is still blooming well. I have several Nikko Blues and even Endless Summer's that have lots of healty foliage but hardly any blooms. First,I thought it was too cold for them in zone 5 but then I see others have them blooming not far from me so now I am wondering if it is a little too much mushroom compost- any one else have this problem? You know how you always want what you don't have!
The bed at the road is putting on a good show with limelights and phlox. Next year I must plant a few cleome or cosmos though to give it a bit more umph.

One last peek at the pergola on the inside this time. I am hoping to get some vines growing along the top part. We still have two sons to get married so I have visions of a couple of brides walking through here someday again. No winter weddings please!
Though the garden season is winding down the garden still brings me joy each day . Hope you enjoyed seeing some late summer bloomers.

Have a good weekend!