Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Autumn Joys!

We are settling into autumn here on the Island .We have already had frost a few nights and the garden has taken on it's autumn colors. I still take a lot of joy from the garden at this time of the year so I thought you might enjoy another tour around as well.

I love the English Garden magazine and I always admire their old wooden doors with vines etc. growing over and around them so this is my attempt at getting that English look in our garden. This used to be an entrance to our home but during a kitchen reno a few years ago this doorway was coming out . Instead of actually taking the door out and shingling over the hole. I thought we could leave this old wooden door on and fill in the wall behind is actually a fake entrance with stone steps covered with plants so people don't stand there knocking. I know,I know,

I do come up with some crazy ideas but it works for me!

As you can see my Dad's old bike does get moved around the garden.

the fall asters are starting to bloom

these are tall asters given to me by a friend

Hard to beat Annebelle hydrangea's as they have been blooming since July

The obedient plant is a late bloomer-I love the color of this one.

some rudbeckia's still blooming

Forever pink hydrangeas

the limelight hydrangeas are getting very tall and reaching over our fence at the road

the sumacs are starting to take on their fall colors

faded beauties

some roses blooming among the rosehips

Therese Bugnet rose turns a pretty color in autumn

Prairie princess still has a few blooms

Sedum Autumn Joy is a good old fashioned plant that adds to the garden in all seasons but puts on its best show in autumn.

Graham Thomas has a few pretty blooms for me still

The sky is so beautiful. Oh! I forgot to share my beautiful sunset picture with you. Oh,well another day!
Another autumn joy- I am making green tomato chow today and I love the smell as it slowly simmers on the stove.

Thank you for visiting and for all the lovely words of encouragement you have left for me.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Yard Sale Treasures

As many of you know I went to the annual 70 mile yard sale here on Saturday. Today I am sharing photos of most of what I bought. I did get a nice white iron bed($10) for Abby my granddaughter but it went to her home before I took a picture.

The little stack of dishes were less then$10.

the pretty pink cup was$1. but no saucer however I knew it would look pretty with the pink saucer I had.

This cup and saucer was $1 also.

The cup and saucer in foreground $3.

This lovely plate did not photograph well but it was $10.

25 cents for this cute little handmade heart

These brackets for our veranda were$12.

I got these dishes and a pink tablecloth and two wooden curtain rods -oh and a red and white transferware plate all for $5. The teapot doesn't have a cover but it will look nice with a little bouquet of flowers.

I already had this teapot from the yard sale a few years ago.

I love this $10. platter. It will look good in my porch on the wall.

book $2.

I love this tablecloth with the lace border for $8.

I got a new English cottage cup and saucer for $3. I already had the teapot and one cup and saucer.

this door($35) came from the restore last week. I love it!

This beautiful big tablecloth was a find a couple of weeks ago. If I can bear to cut it,I plan to make curtains from it.

I got the little bowl for 50 cents but the pitcher came from Coulson's $20.

I got this lovely pitcher Saturday at my first stop for $5. I love it. Notice the lupins are having a little bit of a second bloom.

Now,I remember a little pair of white curtains with pretty lace edging for $1. that I forgot to show you.I hope to make them into pillowcases.Oh! and what might be my best buy -a big wooden window with wooden grills for $20. We are planning to build a greenhouse sometime so it will be perfect for that.

I also found there was a lot of nice clothes some still brand new so I got a few new outfits too!

So that was my day,don't you think I did pretty good? I think this sale is a great idea as people from other provinces come over for it so it gives tourism a little fall boost and it is good recycling.

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Seasons in our Garden

Good morning,

I hope you had a good weekend. It is a warm wet day here on the island.Posted by Picasa

I had a great time at the 70 mile yard sale on Saturday and I will show my treasures tomorrow .

Today I thought I would join in Mary's Mosaic Monday with seasons in our garden mosaics.I hope you enjoy these and other mosaics at the Little Red House.

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Little Bit of Pink!

Hello everyone,

Today I am on a pink theme as I am joining in on the Pink Saturday fun over at Beverly's.

A pink rose from the garden-still a few more blooms to come.

These are dishes that I bought at yard sales- and speaking of yard sales today is the day of our annual 70 mile yard sale in Kings county P.E.I. so you know where I am off to. All up and down the roads there are yard sales with everything from fresh produce to fine china!

I love the softness of this photo.

I will end with this little pink Fairy rose that has been blooming it's heart out for more then two months. It is one of my favorite roses.

Thank you for visiting and enjoy Pink Saturday at Beverly's How Sweet the Sound.

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