Wednesday, October 26, 2022

An Autumn Tea

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying beautiful
October weather!

We are still working on cleaning up
after Fiona and also doing our
fall garden cleanup.

We have settled back into our home
and have been working on some
new projects indoors.

However, we did take a few days off
and drove up to Quebec City and
enjoyed the beautiful fall foliage.

Taking time out to enjoy an Autumn tea.

Although the Windmill on this pretty china set
makes me think of Holland it is actually
made in Japan.

The beautiful fall flower arrangement in
the pumpkin came from Island Meadow Farm.

Once again my apologies to those who
have written to say they are no
longer getting an email when I
post. I will try to find the
solution soon.

Thank you for visiting me today
and take care,


Saturday, October 15, 2022

After Hurricane Fiona

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all doing well.

As many of you know PEI was
hit pretty hard by Fiona in a way
we have never seen here before.
  This is the first time I have had
internet since Fiona hit 3
weeks ago.
We were at our cottage for the storm
and I have to say it was a bit scary
as the winds shook our little cottage
for hours on end. It didn't make
for a good night's sleep!
When it was safe we went out for a
short drive and were shocked at
all the big trees that came down
often roots and all.
We were very fortunate at our cottage
as only a few shingles blew off the roof
and a branch or two of our pine trees.

When we could drive to our home we were happy
our home and little cottages etc were all fine, however
we lost so many big trees, fences, and a couple of
our arbors in our garden. I am thankful that everyone
was safe but so many people were without power for
over two weeks and many people on the North Shore
lost homes or cottages.

We have not been to the North Shore yet and having
just got our internet tonight have not even seen many
pictures. I hope we don't have another storm like
that for a very long time.

At our cottage we were able to cook as we have
a propane stove but we had no running water
until the power was restored for us at the
cottage 8 days later but at our home it was
a full two weeks.

Even now I can't believe all the big
beautiful trees we lost in this storm.

We are just catching up on the news
now and hearing of all the damage
also caused by Hurricane Ian in
the southern U.S.....scary times!

Thank you to all who were thinking and
praying for us during this time. I will
show some photos of our garden soon.

We have been busy cleaning up an
unbelievable amount of brush and
trees both at our home and our childrens
as we took turns showing up with chainsaws
and wheelbarrows/ Thankfully, none of our
family had any really serious damage to their
homes but several large trees came down a
couple on the roof on our daughter's home
putting a couple of small holes in the roof.
This storm gives a whole new meaning to
large trees close to your home. I guess we
have been spoiled in the past !

We are just getting settled back in our
home but have been doing some fall
garden cleanup all week.Thankfully,
the weather has been great since Fiona
so it makes for more enjoyable
days in the garden .

While my husband is now busy catching
up on the news I think I will enjoy
some Instagram and blog beauty....
who knew how much I would miss
these simple pleasures !!!!

Thank you for checking in on me!