Monday, April 27, 2009

Heather's Blue and White China

My friend Heather, kindly sent me a few photos of some of her beautiful blue and white china to share with you. Some of you may remember seeing some of the photos of Heather's lovely new home that I shared with you awhile ago. I love how Heather displays all her lovely dishes. Hope you enjoy!
Have a good evening!


Dirt Princess said...

Hi I left you an award on my blog...I love your blog. It is truly amazing!

Bodil said...

I love white and blue china, it's so beautiful!
Thank your friend for sharing her pictures.
I hope you will have a nice day.
Here in Vermont it's warm and nice.

The Pink Birdhouse said...

the china pieces are just lovely. I many times see patterns like these in red, but I much prefer the blue ones. they remind me of the Delft china ware that I so often see here in Europe. (I live only an hour from Delft Holland). My attention went directly to the wonderfuly lacey crocehted curtains in the cabinet windows, how pretty! Thank you for sharing such pretty photos with us. Debby

This And That For Sale said...

Carolyn, your gardens are magnificent! Oh how I'd love to have such beauty. I'm only able to garden in small doses now, but maybe one day I can hire my own gardener. ;)

You might enjoy the gardening essay I posted yesterday, if you have time to stop by.

The china is beautiful, by the way. I like blue and white pieces.

Roses at Wedgwood House and Gardens said...

I am a blue and white girl, so I really enjoyed this post of your friend's china. I have a lot of blue and white too. I NEVER tire of my blue and white kitchen either!!
Thanks again.