Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Snow Day!

Yesterday we had another snow day on P.E.I. where schools were cancelled and some business's in the morning until roads were cleared. I often enjoy a day of baking when it is blustery outdoors and warm and cosy inside. So here I am sharing my snow day with you.What do you like to do on a snow day?


titicandia said...

In my country it does not snow, rains very much and these days my I like to still have me in house and to realize some manual labor or to cook moffins.
Your blog is very beautiful, I adore the gardens and the roses. Your country is beautiful. I am lucky to have been a time in Quebéc and Montreal and wait to be able to return some day.
Regards from Chile,

Painter's Place said...

Oh this was so nice. It makes me want to be at your house. We have not gotten any snow in the south this year.

texasdaisey said...

What a bummer. Come celebrate a beautiful day with me here in Texas with my giveaway on my Gloryfeathers blog.

Jojo said...

I wish we had gotten a snow day down here in Georgia. I would be in my flannels reading all day long. Oh how nice it would be.

deedee said...

Snow days??? We shut down Arizona and celebrate when we get a little drizzle of rain :)

C. C. said...

I just love your blog. I have been studying the pictures of your table from your snow day. That is the feeling I want to capture when we have a house again. It doesn't come natrual to me to decorate although I have been studying all sorts of books on it for years - I can never "see" what I need to do to make it cozy, comfortable and romantic.

C. C.

Ofelias Hus said...

You do have a big heart!

You give so much to so many, so kind of you.

Your granddaughter is so lovely on that picture!

When it is snowing hard here, I do as you...bake something or paint some furniture...tries to avoid to go out in the snowstorm as much as possible.
Two days ago I had to drive to my son´s hockey-training to pic him up and I got stuck in the snow with the car.
It was the worst snowstorm!
It took five strong men to get the Mercedes loos, It was terrible

Yesterday the sun came back and
it has been a lovely two days with blue sky and a warm sun.

Anette in Sweden