Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pearls and Roses

I like the delicate look of the pearls with the little rose bud in the centre in the photos below. I am also slipping in some photos of our little granddaughters today-as these little 'pearls' are the roses in our lives!
It is so windy here today it would almost blow you away! Schools are cancelled as there is some black ice as well as the high winds so it is best to be safe at home. We missed most of the snow that other places got though. Maybe you've noticed on P.E.I we talk a lot about the weather!
So enough for now and enjoy your day!


Paula said...

Dear Carolyn

Your photos are so beautiful!!! I love the pearls with the sweet pink rose and your grandchildren are all so precious! What blessings they are!!!
Love, Paula

Islandsparrow said...

Gorgeous composition!And your grandchildren are beautiful too.

You were asking about my camera - I have a Canon Powershot S5 1S - I don't have any extra lenses.

It would be great together for a visit - drop me an email and we can figure out a good date. Looking forward to it.

Bre said...

Beautiful combination - pearls and roses. Love them both !

And the pictures of your granddaughters are adorable ! I especially love the angel wings.
I took black and whites of my kids in angel wings when hey were younger and they are my most treasured pictures!

Hope you're not snowed in for too long!